The special ounce brings you cheap ounces of weed that switch up each week!  Find the cheapest ounces (oz starting at $99) of high quality, premium, hybrid, indica and sativa cannabis strains.  The special ounce is our offer to bring you the cheapest weed and a chance to sample different types of marijuana at the best rates in Canada, all without sacrificing quality.  Check back frequently as ounce specials change frequently due to high demand.  Enjoy free shipping on orders of cannabis $149+.

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The Best Special Ounces in Canada

Enjoy trying new hybrid strains, sativa strains and indica strains for the best prices with our special ounce features.  We switch up strains weekly so you can have access to quality cannabis without breaking the bank.

We understand that each strain offers unique cannabinoids, flavanoids and terpene profiles, giving each type a completely unique experience.  We want your experience to be amazing every time, and that's why we encourage our trying new strains to find what you enjoy best, without the need to spend alot. .

The special ounce changes each week and month.  Each strain is limited so make sure to jump on your favourite while it's still in stock!

Special Ounces With Free Delivery

Buy special ounces with free delivery across Canada:  Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Free shipping applies to all orders over $149.00.