Cannabis flower is the bud of a cannabis plant, and the part that holds cannabinoids for the most desirable consumption.  Cannabis flower comes in a number of strains which are categorized in 3 types, indica, sativa and hybrids, a mixture of indica and sativa.

Buy the best hybrid, sativa, and indica strains grown in small batches by craft growers.  We stock the best cannabis flower grown and distributed in Canada to recreational users and medical marijuana patients.  Enjoy cannabis flowers of all categories, including our high THC, high CBD strains, and the best balanced hybrids.  Cannabis is also known as kush, reefer, marijuana, weed, ganja, herb, doja, dank and other terms by Canadians.  Enjoy free shipping on weed orders over $149 across Canada.

Cannabis Flower Categories

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Mail Order Cannabis

Cannabis Kings is the best online mail order cannabis dispensary delivery service in Canada for high quality hybrid, sativa and indica strains.  Check out our growing line of new, strong, premium cannabis strainsEach strain offers different levels of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids such as CBN.

Indica vs Sativa Strains

Our cannabis hybrids offer unique levels of sativa and indica traits so you can find your perfect balanced strain.

We separate our cannabis strains by quality so you know exactly what kind of cannabis you are buying.  Cannabis Kings scale rates cannabis from single A (A - cheap cannabis strains) through quad A (AAAA - highest quality cannabis).  Discover a variety of high quality marijuana products and craft batch cannabis strains at the cheapest prices online in Canada.

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Buy cannabis online in Canada 24 hours a day at Cannabis Kings cannabis dispensary.  Order from Cannabis Kings online dispensary at anytime of the day with no restrictions.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis medical benefits vary as each strain offers a unique experience.   Between the cannabinoids and essential oils, marijuana's medicinal properties are endless and it's important to find one with physical properties and effects that you desire.

Medical Marijuana in Canada

In Canada, medical marijuana patients use cannabis to treat, reduce and ease stress and pain for countless ailments.  Other patients use cannabis to promote hunger for those who are experiencing lack of appetite, as well as induce sleep for those experiencing insomnia or sleepless nights.  In a medical context, sativa strains can help with fatigue and such conditions as ADD (attention deficit disorder) while indica strains are often used as night time weed and help treat things such as insomnia.

Cannabis Positive Effects: The positive effects of cannabis will be different depending on the physical makeup of the person consuming it, as well, the strain being consumed, and how well it was grown.  Each type of cannabis offers users a side of cannabis positive effects, but they differ greatly. Indica flowers ensure a more relaxed and couch lock experience while a sativa dominant strain will bring an upbeat, creative and sometimes even energetic experience.

Different Strains of Cannabis : In Canada alone there are thousands of marijuana strains and that number is growing with the amount of hybrids and breeding that is taking place.  No one strain is always going to be superior to the next.  While some promote high CBD or high THC each strain is completely different and depending how it's grown can end up on our list as cheap weed and budget buds, or high quality, premium, craft cannabis when the art of growing is done right.

Types of Cannabis

Indica Strain

An indica strain is more of a body buzz type of high that promotes heavy sedation, euphoria and sleepiness. They are generally used during the night.  The best indica strains will typically give you a very lethargic high with strong effects and a very noticeable impairment.

Sativa Strain

A sativa strain is more of a heady and uplifting experience and is typically a day time or afternoon cannabis strain.  The best sativa strains will help you get creative, feel energetic and uplifted.

Hybrid Strain

hybrid strain is the best of both worlds.  They generally possess a nice balance between the indica vs sativa effects.  The best hybrid strains can be found online at Cannabis Kings, with new inventory daily.

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